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At the centre of society

RIVM stands at the centre of society. In our role as trusted advisor, we provide government with independent knowledge relating to health and the environment on issues such as infectious diseases, vaccinations, national screening programmes, lifestyle, diet, medicines, the environment, sustainability and safety. We carry out research, provide policy advice and manage and implement prevention and control responses.

This annual report looks back over several interesting examples of projects and research that we implemented in 2013. Such as our role during the measles epidemic that broke out in The Netherlands in May 2013. Or the preparations that we took for the national introduction of the screening programme for bowel cancer. In 2013 we also set up the Knowledge Centre Healthy Urban Living. RIVM provides knowledge to ensure that people live a long, independent, healthy life in clean, sustainable, prosperous towns and cities.

At international level we focus, among other things, on antibiotic resistance. We do this by reinforcing or setting up national surveillance systems in all countries of the European region of the World Health Organization.

Our annual report also provides information about the contacts that we have with citizens and professionals via our website, social media and the news media. These contacts provide us with an insight into what is going on in society, which enables us to improve our work.

Naturally we also devote attention to the progress we are making in achieving our ambitions, such as the foundation of the RIVM Academy. This Academy is intended for all RIVM personnel and provides learning and development opportunities closely linked to RIVM’s core activities and strategy. RIVM is constantly on the lookout for renewal and improvement in our efforts to ensure a healthy population in a clean, safe living environment. Now and in the future.

Prof. André van der Zande
Director-General, RIVM