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Contact with society

It is essential for RIVM to be in tune with society. Only then can we do our work well and be a knowledge institute that takes centre stage in society. But how do we monitor what is actually going on in society?

Our studies and projects cover various multi-faceted topics in the field of public health, and a clean, safe living environment. People hear and read about RIVM through both traditional media (newspapers) and online (social) media. And they respond to our reports. We have a Twitter account with over 14,000 followers, we share our knowledge in various LinkedIn groups and we are active on Facebook. Through (social) media we monitor signals from society. Monitoring media and analysing our web statistics provides us with valuable information about what is going on in society.

In the media

In 2013 the media devoted a lot of attention to the measles epidemic in The Netherlands and to various other topics related to infectious diseases. Topics such as lifestyle, fine particles, diet, vaccinations, tobacco, hazardous substances, UV radiation and national screening programmes were also given a lot of coverage. Topics such as tobacco, radioactive radiation and whooping cough were given much greater coverage in the traditional media than in social media.