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Good hygiene

Good hygiene reduces the risk of illness. Washing your hands regularly, storing leftover food properly and not cleaning out the cat basket when you’re pregnant: just a few examples of what you can do yourself. It sounds simple, but in practice that’s not the case.

In 2013 RIVM developed a Hygiene Tool Kit containing practical information about how to pay attention to hygiene in day-to-day life. The tool kit contains various materials for public information and is intended for professionals, such as municipal health services, schools, nurseries, General Practitioners, hospitals, midwives, etc. The products are written in clear Dutch.

Information film on hand-washing

One of the parts of the tool kit is an information film called ‘How to wash your hands’. This film shows why hand-washing is important in day to day life, and how to do it properly. The tool kit also consists of brochures, illustrations and new pictograms. The pictograms provide at-a-glance tips for storing and preparing food safely and what to do during pregnancy to prevent infections.


Other tool kits

Over the years RIVM has developed a series of tool kits regarding various topics for public information, for example tool kits for flu and colds, head lice, food infections, sexual health, prenatal screening, mercury and heat. The tool kits consist of ready-made information products or components that professionals can use as communication tools.