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Registering chemical substances

Companies that produce or import more than 1 tonne of chemical substances a year are obliged to register this with the European Chemical Agency in Helsinki. SMEs above all are being increasingly faced with this obligation.

The deadlines for the registration depend on tonnage. On 1 June 2013 the deadline  for the registration of substances above 100 tonnes a year expired, and on 1 June 2018 the deadline for the registration of substances between 1 and 100 tonnes a year will expire. RIVM has a REACH helpdesk, which has been extensively used, that provides information to companies during the preparation of their registrations.
erlemeyers with colored liquids


The registration obligation is a result of the European REACH regulation. The aim of REACH is to place chemical substances safely on the European market and thus to protect the health of people and the environment among other things. REACH describes what companies and governments have to comply with as regards dealing with chemical substances. Companies’ obligations depend on their role in the supply chain and the nature and use of the substances. Registration of chemical substances enables better regulations relating to high-risk substances.


The REACH Bureau and the REACH helpdesk are located at RIVM. This official government helpdesk helps companies and institutions in The Netherlands that produce, import, distribute or use chemical substances to comply with the REACH regulation.



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