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Sustainably safe, healthy regions

In November 2013 RIVM organised the symposium ‘Together achieving sustainably safe, healthy regions’. During the symposium environmental agencies, municipal health services, safety regions, RIVM and ministries jointly determined the most important regional risk factors and points of mutual interest in the field of safety, health and the environment.

In The Netherlands many people and organisations are concerned in a safe, sustainable, healthy living environment. The regional environmental agencies, the municipal health services and the safety regions contribute to this objective among others. These organisations work separately but above all jointly to achieve a sustainably safe and healthy living environment.


The topics facing the regional services are often complex and interests may differ greatly and sometimes even be conflicting. So it is important that people know each other and are able to collaborate. In order to put health and the environment on the agenda there needs to be a vision that these parties share ambitions and agree about the direction of the quest in order to achieve a safe, healthy region.


Windmills in a landscape to the water


RIVM supports local and regional parties on issues relating to a sustainably safe, healthy living environment. It does this by sharing knowledge and expertise on living environment, safety and health and by bringing organisations together in practice. Establishing links between living environment, safety and health is a core quality of RIVM. The symposium was an opportunity to contact colleagues from other regional services and to share knowledge.